Like Animals (Seto vs. Joey)

Pittman & Davis

First of all: Don´t take it too seriously. ^_~ This is just a fangirls view on the passoniate hate-love relationship between Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler. Their constant bickering, fighting, insulting and dueling is just too hot not to notice. So, this is how _I_ see them and their constant fighting … like a long and steamy foreplay. I used some parts of the german synchro since they fit my intention so very well and I just love their voice actors to pieces. I tried to translate it for you, but my english is not _that_ good, so it probably sounds kinda stupid. The first one is Joey saying: “Get ready for party …” The second is Joey again, telling Seto to “Watch it, buddy!” The third is Seto: “I´m not your buddy, Wheeler!” The fourth is Seto again, saying “What a pity you don´t understand how to play this game, you little moron.” The fifth is Joey asking him “Kaiba! You´re too much of a coward to duel me?” And Kaiba: “Looks, like I have to teach you some manners … like a dog in a pet obedience school.” The next one is Joey telling him “If I were you, I´d rather close my eyes now, buddy!” Then Kaiba hissing: “You´ll live to rue it, Wheeler!” And the least one is Kaiba again, telling him “Today is your lucky day, brat…” I really like some parts but I´m not very satisfied with others. I probably revise it one day. Hope you enjoy it anyways. ^__^
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 comments on “Like Animals (Seto vs. Joey)

  1. I think is one of the best AMVs that I see with this two on youtube~… Really like it. 5 Stars for you ^^

  2. AtemusQueen234

    OMFG This is aweosme I laughed when this started/….

  3. LaughterandCandy

    I would have liked to see more sexy Seto singing this, and I would have prefered the words not to be going with the lyrics. But it’s still pretty hot even if I don’t really like this couple. Wow the long foreplay is going to be in my head for awhile.

  4. My god, the Japanese voices (they sound Asian to me at least) are horrible. .__.

    But anyways, aside from the music being turned down occasionally for their voices (which throws off the beat completely; constructive criticism, I’m not trying to be rude), the video was enjoyable.

  5. I know what you mean – I made this video years ago and I wouldn’t turn the music down again.
    The voice actors are the german ones – I happen to think they are the best (which I usually never think) because they are snarky and funny and all over the place with their UST. I always thought the japanese and english ones were kind of lame. ^^ But that might be a matter of opion.
    Thanks for the constructive critism. =)

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