little Stuart needs comforting (he’s just been neutered)

Pittman & Davis

Stuart is now seven weeks old. He has just come home from the vets where he was neutered. He has had a rough day so is very clingy and really needs comforting. Music by Elizabeth Mitchell – Skip to my Lou

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  1. My mouse boy Boomer is also neutered so he could live with three females. Neutering is expensive where I live but I’m so happy for him because he has company now.

  2. What a big boy! I raise a litter or two every year, an not once have I seen a mousey this big, haha. He’s gorgeous.

  3. I am sooo loving Stuart and am now thinking about neutering my lil guy Nemo! Hes a lone male, seems quite happy at the moment.. always busying himself, and im always changing things around and adding new things to his space. Hes out a lot too… playing on me and in the bath. But i always feel that he should be spending life with other mice, as they are social creatures, no different from us in that sense! but having all his bits means he has to be alone……. :-(( not so cool really!

  4. Also im curious if neutering Stuart has changed his personality at all? and also Nemo is quite a strong character, hell play with me, fed off me…and walk on me etc, but he wont let me stroke him like Stuart here, so do you have any tips for getting closer to Nemo? I have tried touching him in the past, but he runs off. :-/ so i stopped as it was breaking trust, and undoing all the hardwork that we had done getting him as tame as he is.

  5. CreekValleyCritters

    @muddytounge It does change their personality a bit. Before he was neutered Stuart was very restless and hyperactive. Although he is still very playful, he no longer acts frustrated and restless. He is a much calmer mouse. I have never had an un-neutered male, the closest to that was Jason whose operation was botched, they left some behind. He was a very active, intelligent, super affectionate mouse, who mated a lot with his females and attacked my German shepherd if she came near his girls.

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