Lookout Dog Car Seat Options

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Dog car seats help keep your dog safe while riding. See your options here and choose the best size and color for your dog and car.
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4 comments on “Lookout Dog Car Seat Options

  1. It’s held in place by a seatbelt, and includes a tether strap which secures to your dog’s harness (not a collar). This is very secure for dogs in cars.

  2. CastingOutTheSelf

    I think I’d rather have my dog in an actual car seat.

  3. My dog’s already safe as it is…

  4. HeartInSanFrancisco

    @CastingOutTheSelf .. I have one. It is better than dog walking round. And it is safer.

    Check out my YouTube lookout 2 with a Dachshund

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