Lost Pet Bear Prank Call


Jared Calls up a lost pet hotline and tells them he lost his pet bear. It takes the first lady to realize what he is talking about Download our podcast! itunes.apple.com www.FridayNightCranks.com

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25 comments on “Lost Pet Bear Prank Call

  1. rockhopper123452

    wats up wit ur earphones

  2. U guyz r the best prank callers on youtube.haha lmao. Barney stempleton that was great

  3. TheBeastlyMDL

    so to make call on skype do you need to pay for it or just have a mic

  4. zoroarkissueregion

    @TheBeastlyMDL you need to pay but there is a legal way to get free calls just search on youtube

  5. GrimReaperAirsoft

    baybay beaaaaaar

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