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For everyone that has lost a pet during this troubled Pet food recall. And for my best Friend Ever My BlackLab Charlie.

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25 comments on “Love Lost Pet Food Recall

  1. I do not speak Spanish! But somehow I know that Un saludo are good words! Thank you for your thoughts! Peace

  2. Wow. Chocked me up! Sincere and excellent video!
    It IS all about Love in the end…

  3. Not just in the end every moment of every day! How Chuckie kept me from never being alone! Even now he visits within my thoughts every hour of every day. And my new dog Bentley says Woof!

  4. I hope i lives Good in The Dog Heaven ^^


  5. He lives well in Doggie heaven! He is home where really belongs and where I will come and be with him again! Chuckie was on loan from God! Peace Jer

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