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I am hoping this dog finds a great home. She has the sweetest disposition and is well trained and well behaved – how all this is possible given where she came from is astounding. In her original home she was never even given a name.
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Her whole story is available there. Her "sister" Molly has been adopted.

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5 comments on “Mable

  1. A sweetheart, from the looks of it. Great name, too. I’m glad someone took her home.

  2. highwaygirl67

    Mable here has been adopted 🙂 I know she has a good home because she was adopted by one of my classmates who has been taking great care of her since she arrived at the school.

  3. OH I so wish I had more space and more time at home to rescue dogs. (I am very allergic to cats, otherwise I’d rescue them, too.) What sweet face… I can’t resist sad eyes.

  4. Hillary Kladke

    Beautiful dog. I would adopt if I were closer to the rescue and had a place of my own.

  5. Collies have terrific temperaments.

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