Man Rescues Min Pin at Midnight – Amazing Story!

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A lady made threats on craigslist to send her min pin Maya to the local shelter after not being able to rehome her. We stepped in… rescued her and found her a home within 12 hours. (Music: Puscifer – Tumbleweed)
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4 comments on “Man Rescues Min Pin at Midnight – Amazing Story!

  1. That is so heart breaking that they mistreated her ): she is so adorable !

  2. robocopismurphy

    Rescue the dog, shelter the former owner.

  3. What a beautiful video, to the man behind the wheel and the woman’s who’s voice behind the camera… where would this baby be without you? You are both Angel’s among us. So glad to see her being held by her new mommy! AWESOME xoxoxox

  4. People who mistreat animals should not be aloud to get the opportunity to have one.

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