Maple Commercial – The Guard Pet 1.0 - 468x60

Has your house ever been robbed by noobs? That will never happen again when you have….The Guard Pet 1.0!!! It looks cute, but when someone or something offenses its master….It will transform into a complete nightmare!!!! Rate, Comment, Subscribe…

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5 comments on “Maple Commercial – The Guard Pet 1.0

  1. snowfiredabest

    I can’t imagine guard pet 2.0. O_O

  2. im gonna buy the penguin! xD
    btw nice vid woods…

  3. new you’d want penguin…lol ty hawk….wait…y r we still talking in here? -.- don’t we live in the same house? -_- as wut Chris said…

  4. the tiger ish soooooo cute x3

  5. i think i’ll take 20 tiger guard pets

    (pay 100 meso)

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