Mastering the Different Pet Society Sports (Pet Society sports)

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There are three different Pet Society sports that you can start playing almost immediately in the game. The ball is unlocked from the moment you hit Level 2 (which is done in the tutorial), and the Frisbee will be unlocked in a very short order after that. The third and final of the Pet Society sports is the jump rope, which will be the hardest but also the most rewarding of the three if you can master how complex it is. Together, these three Pet Society Secrets are going to allow you to reach all new heights in the game when it comes to earning Paw Points and landing those tough gold trophies.

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Tips for Tossing the Ball

The ball in Pet Society is a tricky sport if you have too much space to play in. The key here is that your pet is going to start throwing it harder the longer you play. If you have a lot of space to play with, you’ll find it hard to stay behind the ball and keep it from hitting the floor. If you have a big house, go to a smaller house of a friend somewhere to play so that you can use the walls as locations for it bounce off of.

Tips for the Frisbee

The same holds true for the Frisbee, except this one is absolutely vital that you have a small house for. The Frisbee travels faster and is smaller, so it is harder to click on if your reflexes are not top notch. Make sure to have as little space as possible and you’ll be okay though.

Tips for the Jump Rope

The jump rope is a tough one to master if you’re not careful because the game gives you almost no time to react to the red line that pops up telling you to jump. So, instead of relying on that line, look for the rope to pass over the pet’s eyebrows. When it gets to that point, click the rope to jump and by the time the reaction gets through you should be good. Your own reaction time may be faster or slower, so if this doesn’t work for you, adjust as necessary, making sure to find a good visual reference point to keep your rhythm going.
As you can see, there are a lot of different things you can do in Pet Society, not the least of which are the Pet Society sports. These sports will allow you to have fun with your pet, engage with a variety of different fun actions and to gain much needed Paw Points with easily repeated actions that won’t max out each day. If you’re bored enough or are good with the ball or Frisbee, you can reach the top levels in no time flat, just playing Pet Society sports.

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