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I adopted my ferret at the Animal Rescue League of Boston May 27 2012. Her name was Mossflower but i think Angels a better name for her lol. Shes 3 years old and was put up for adoption April 14, 2012. She seems so happy to have a home now! i love her already!

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9 comments on “Meet my new pet

  1. Marie, She is so pretty and very cute. I loved the way she pranced around your room. I agree she is so happy to find someone with so much love as you have. Take care dear Kiev

  2. Oh by the way Angel is a perfect name for her.

  3. ShottaDreadGazaStyle

    she is sooooooo cute…i jus got mines last week but she a baby her name is…my gf wants a white ferret to so next month ima buy her a white one…..ur ferret is happy tho…..have fun with her……..

  4. MariesVlogChannel

    Thank you she’s running around my room right now! i’m taking her for a check up 2morro at the vet 🙂

  5. MariesVlogChannel

    Awwww baachi is a cute nammee 😀 They are just the funniest things ever! have fun with yours as well thank you 🙂

  6. That sounds great,I knew she found a loving person that will take good care of her. Please drop me updates every now and then OK. Take care dear Kiev

  7. Dantesonofsparda1987

    awh what a happy one… just as energetic as my Natsu

  8. LovelyRose305

    Ohhhh so cute :)***

  9. HaligonianType1

    Awwww… So cute. How about a compromise, name her AngelFlower. =-}

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