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introducing my new cute golden mouse, Cheerio, and the shocking news about Remi revealing himself to be a female,because she’s round like a golf ball, and yes she’s pregnant. So they’re will be more about the baby mice. I’ll be away again for 4 weeks so I won’t be participating alot.
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  1. she is probbaly like 1 week pregnant deppending on when you put the male with the female because it doesnt take long for her to get knocked up make sure start feeding her fatty things for her milk and be sure to separate the mom and dad if she is preggers because a couple hours after she gives birth she can get pregnant again being pregnant and nursing babies causes lots of stress for her. good luck

  2. lostindisillusion

    I’m so sorry about the one you lost, but congratulations on Cheerio!

  3. hey thanks, My mice have been together for exactly a month so she’s probally 3 weeks pregnant, and I’m not shure how long they stay pregnant. I’m away for the month so I won’t really have the chance to do much, my dad will be taking care of them so I don’t know how that’s going to turn out.

  4. just married lol remis fatt ur lucky mice usualy have 10 to 20 but u only had ten the
    same thing happened with my mouse

  5. aww. so how many do you have currently?

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