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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 2 Episode 7 Find A Pet Song Lyrics(In the vid but oh well XD) : Now, Rainbow my dear, I cannot express my delight it’s abundantly clear that somewhere out here, is a pet that will suit you just right. I can’t wait to get started, but first let me set a few rules It’s of utmost importance The pet that I get Is something that’s awesome and cool. Awesome,cool, got it. I have so many wonderful choices, just wait, you will see. I need something real fast like a bullet to keep up with me. Sure! How ’bout a bunny? They’re cutsey and wutsey and quick as can be. Cutsey? Wutsey? Have you even met me? Rainbow have faith You see, I will bet you Somewhere in here is a pet that will get you. C’mon, the sky’s the limit! Sky is good. I’d like it to fly. Really? Because I think this widdle puddy tat has your name written all over him. Yes he does. Aww, look, he likes you! Pass. I have so many wonderful choices for you to decide There are otters and seals. With massive appeal Otters and seals do not fly. Maybe not, but I’ve seen this particular seal catch ten feet of air when he breaches the water. That’s it. I’m outta here. Wait! There must be a pet here How ’bout a ladybug or a cute cricket? Bigger. And cooler. Bigger. Cooler. Right. I’ve got just the thing in that tree, Dash Meet your new fabulous pet Squirrely. It’s just a squirrel. Not just any squirrel. A flying squirrel! Yeah. So, like I was saying. Fluttershy, pal, this won’t cut it
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6 comments on “MLP FiM Find A Pet Song With Lyrics

  1. SnowflakeWaterfall

    FIRST. Also, AMAZING VIDEO! <3 I love this song so much! ^^...Oh my ...pinkamena uploaded this... o.o

  2. the fade is just late enough to be pointless if you wanna sing along…. 🙁

  3. Naice.

  4. @lillythepokemonluver Windows Movie Marker XD

  5. Overall: great job
    In detail: the first lyric transition could have been better. Your leaving off periods in some places. You forgot ‘it’ in a lyric.
    I wanted the lyrics because it didn’t make sense when rainbow said “do you have something in a yellow striped bat?”, and this solved my problem.

  6. missprincezz1999

    1 person does not understand the magic of friend ship

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