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Question by Carrie: Modest Mouse or Arcade Fire?
Should I buy “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” by Modest Mouse or “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire?? Thank you.

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Answer by Nikkole Daniels
modest mouse all the way .

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10 comments on “Modest Mouse or Arcade Fire?

  1. modest mouse

  2. Go for the Suburbs

  3. davis loves (.Y.)

    Arcade fire.

  4. Bender Rodriguez

    Modest Mouse, but I wouldn’t get “Good News for People Who Love Bad News”. I’m not a huge fan but I much prefer their first 3 records stylistically.

  5. “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire

  6. Definately Modest mouse!

  7. Friend Opportunity

    I’d go with Modest Mouse. Both bands are great, although those happen to be two of my least favorite albums from both. Good News for People Who Love Bad News begins and ends well but the middle is kind of bad imo. Float On, The World at Large, Ocean Breaths Salty, Blame It on the Tetons, One Chance and The Good Times are Killing Me are all good songs. On The Suburbs, Ready to Start, Modern Man and Rococo are my favorites.

  8. Modest Mouse… of course!

  9. Neither

  10. arcade fire is good. and you should listen to it.

    but you seriously need to listen to modest mouse before everything.


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