More Pet Food Brands Recalled (CBS News)

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Dr. Debbye Turner speaks with Russ Mitchell about a new recall issued by pet food manufacturer Natural Balance due to contaminated rice protein concentrate, a key ingredient in the food. (

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  1. nooobey

  2. thank you.

  3. I work at a pet shop and got to know this food well. I recommended it a lot because I had hands on expreience seeing it help dogs/cats with horrible skin problems (mainly mange) and the food alone worked to make it better. I reccommended this food a lot and now I feel horrible. I know its not MY fault, but now I feel bad.

  4. The catch here is that people assume that because it hasn’t been recalled, that it’s safe. People, our government and our quality assurance checks are NOT good enough to catch everything. Believe me there are undiscovered scources of melamine on the market even today.

  5. emoseatmyexcrament

    Fucking chinese they cant do anything right fuking guks.

  6. I feed all my dogs and cats Natural Balance! It’s a great food that has no corn and has done wonders for my pets! It is my understanding that they no longer import any products from China.

  7. They blamed China? watch?v=2gEHX2q9YVE

  8. CBS you lied. These poison products are made by American companies in China , not made by Chinese companies. These American companies import into USA . Shame on you CBS

  9. @yourmoment Yeah, and a short time ago Natural Balance had a second recall in the last month or so due to…what? SALMONELLA! And people dis me for feeding raw and holler about salmonella.

  10. PEOPLE LISTEN – the wheat gluten that contained melamine was “food grade.” That means it went into products made right here in the USA for human consumption such as bread! Yes, we have been fed tainted wheat gluten from China. We import most of our wheat gluten that goes into American made food. Why? We are one of the largest wheat producers in the world, why import most of our wheat gluten? Because it’s cheaply made crap from China with toxic fillers!

  11. PEOPLE LISTEN Part 2: Most likely melamine has made it into rice protein, casein (milk powders), soy protein, etc. made for human consumption right here in the U.S. and other countries!

    As a matter of fact I have a friend that spent his own money to test U.S. made food products. The company he tested at told him like 60% of the American made food products they were testing was positive for melamine.

    This information was reported to government officials I can name.

  12. @lavaandy, I have reason to believe several recalls of human and pets foods were recalled for melamine and used other reasons for the recall as to not bring attention to the amount of melamine that has made it into the U.S food supply. My friend was tipped off by insiders of major food manufacturing companies about melamine being in their products. Coincidentally some of those soon after had recalls on the exact products warned about, but for reasons other than melamine.

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  14. Always chinas fault! Well it actually is… I think! Or are they racist?

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