My Dog moans and gently “bites” when I pet her, Why?

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Question by kim w: My Dog moans and gently “bites” when I pet her, Why?
She moans in a high pitch squeal and like gently nips at me as I pet her, but if I pull away she like looks at me and starts moaning until I start petting her and then she starts moaning and nipping at me. Why is she doing this?
She’s 5. But she had stopped doing this, and only recently started doing this again.

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Answer by Ashlee
She likes it and wants you to keep going. When she “bites” tell her No Bite! But gently don’t yell at her just talk normally. She just needs to be trained. My boy growls when you find his “spot” and his tail goes a mile a minuet

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4 comments on “My Dog moans and gently “bites” when I pet her, Why?

  1. You don’t say how old she is, but when a dog does this we call them “love nibbles”. Momma dogs do this to their puppies, and dogs do this to each other when playing.

  2. How old is the dog? If you got an older dog it might be in pain. Believe it or not dogs get arthritis as well. If it worries you to much I would give your vet a call an see what they say.

  3. travisslisprocks

    she likes it and that’s her way of letting you know and showing her affection. when she bites you should make a high pitched “yipe!” noise, cross your arms and stop petting her. this will remind her of when she was learning with her litter mates. biting is an unacceptable behavior for dogs and it’s important to stop it.

  4. yeah she likes it. she’s probably an untrained puppy, they love to bite and nip. Or your dog is just secretly a sex fiend

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