My dog “paws” people when he wants attention…?

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Question by Roxie Knightly: My dog “paws” people when he wants attention…?
I own a yellow lab golden mix. I’ve had him for about 3 year now and he has a habit of pawing people when he wants to be patted. I know this behavior is caused beause he just wants a lot of attention and love, which of course he gets, but it’s not very good habit either. I’d think if i stopped patting him as much he’d stop, but i think that could make it worst too. First he paws, then if he doesn’t get petted still, he licks, then he nudges you and goes under your arm or something when your doing something. I’ve gotten a few scratches from his pawing and so has some of my my guests i’ve had at the house. Any way to break this bad habit?

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Answer by BoxerPitRhodesian
Forcing attention and forcing people to pet him is a form of dominance. When he does it, grab his snout and say no firmly. Don’t be mean, just be firm. Try not petting him when he tries to force you. i would make sure that he knows he will get pet when you ‘the alpha’ says its ok.

When guests come in, they will be viewed as your guests and will most likely stop pawing them if he’s not pawing you!

good luck with the training!

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  1. Launi (Love my Pit!)

    What you are dealing with is called submissive dominance. I can tell you how I handle it.

    First, you are the one that sets the boundaries, limitations and rules.
    You are the one who lets the dog know when YOU want to give affection, not the other way around.

    In order to stop this you need to use a firm, calm and assertive NO.
    Push your dog away from you. Keep doing this. No matter what, don’t give in. After a while, he will go sit somewhere and look at you like you have beat him. Don’t give in to that either. Ignore it. Get up, move around then sit back down. If he comes to you again, repeat the above. Once you get him to the point he is not making the rules, call him to you and give him affection.

    When company comes over it is your job to take control. Just do the same thing, ask your friends not to acknowledge this behavior, no petting no talking no eye contact.

    It takes consistency, calmness and assertiveness. Take control, be the leader and this will stop.

  2. My basset is the worst about wanting continual petting – he puts on the “I’m ignored and abused air” and people feel sorry for him and fall for his routine.

    The pawing, licking, nudging has probably been well reinforced. He knows he’ll get pats for one of the behaviors.

    My dogs (beagle, basset and pom) are really bad about demanding attention, especially from visitors. They LOVE visitors!

    When mine start doing it, they are given the “down” command, meaning to lie down. Sometimes that helps calm them down and they will stop pestering my visitors. If that doesn’t do it, they are removed from the room – put in the bedroom or outside for a while until they calm down.

    This won’t happen overnight. Start when you’re home with the dog alone working on the “down” command when he starts with his “pet me” routine.

    Don’t feel like you’re abusing your dog if you segregate him from society when he won’t behave. Remember, mentally he’s a 3 year old child and will be a much happier dog if you teach him to behave and function socially.

    Good luck!

  3. that is so cute
    i don’t think you should break that habit he is just showing that he want attention

  4. majoungpaung

    i have a jindo that does the same thing.. we have the relationship where she will play bite me and if i get mad at her, she will paw me and it freakin hurts.. whenever i get mad at her, she always thinks i am playing back with yes it get very frustrating (but funny) at the same time. my dog is a medium sized dog so i can blow on her face and it annoys her and she goes away.with yout dog, i dont know if that would work. you can try spray bottle? if it paws you or guests, then spray?

    hope that helps.. just wanted to tell you that you are not the only one with this problem

  5. Don’t feed into it by giving him attention when he demands it. Instead, get up and walk away- completely ignoring him. Put him in a down stay when guests are over and when he’s been holding it for a while and being good, invite him over for attention on your terms.

  6. Maybe she wants to shake your hand. My cousins dog does that when guests go over. It’s a simple dog trick. Our old dog used to do that.

  7. maybe when he paws you hold a piece of garlic by his nose and say no in a firm voice. Dogs hate garlic and then maybe he would stop because he will be like if i paw i get garlic yuck

  8. Push him away and say “NO”. you can try to spray him with vinigar-water. It won’t hurt him it only is meant to taste nasty. after repeating it for a while he WILL stop.

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