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My Rescue Lovebirds Hanging Out. They have basically free reign of the house, under a watchful eye of course. Byrd Byrd hops rather than walks, due to a benign neck tumour, he was born with. Zazu has a deformed beak (breeder caused) and Beebs, the slate lovie came to us, having been plucked bald, by another (very aggressive) female lovie that she was stuc k in a cage with, but did end up growing back almost all her feathers after they were seperated, and now is living in her own large cage. You can also hear my two Quaker Parrots in the background, jealously wanting to have their turns out of their cages too, even though they had had all morning out…lol.
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3 comments on “My Gang Of Happy Lovies

  1. Do you have any cats/dogs? It’s so great your birds can just play on the floor!

  2. @JulieTHEQuaker Actually i commented too soon, i see the beautiful dog you have. It’s so nice your dog isn’t aggressive. We have two shiatsus and Julie just attacks them, they try to run away most of the time. We don’t really allow them near Julie anymore, for her own safety.

  3. so cute! *scritches*

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