My New Eclectus Parrot Sneezes, Scratches, and Has Significant Feather Loss. Could It Be Allergies.?

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Question by amber: My New Eclectus Parrot Sneezes, Scratches, and Has Significant Feather Loss. Could It Be Allergies.?
I actually visited her at the pet store for months before deciding “for sure” to purchase her. I adore her, but she (I assumed) was under alot of stress in the pet store so all except her head feathers were plucked quite badly. I noticed after I got her home that she scratched quite a bit and sneezed quite a few times (something I had never noticed before). I adore her and will get her checked out by a vet. I was just wondering if it could be “allergies” instead of regular stress related or other health related plucking. I do not want and will not return her. I have become quite attached and just because she has “issues” I don’t want her to feel unwanted.


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Answer by divegirrl
It could certainly be allergies, but also sounds like stress-related plucking. If it is allergies, the vet can give her medicine to help. Try to make sure she has plenty of time outside a cage, and provide toys and play time to stimulate her and prevent stress.

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  1. It is easy to tell if an eclectus is a He or She. the males are green & females are blue with red ‘bibs’.

    Scratching & sneezing could be a reaction to something in your home. You shouldn’t use any sprays, candles, chemicals in any way. This will cause scratching & sneezing. Eclectus parrots are extremely environmentally & diet sensitive so the home needs to be aired with open windows regularly, no smellies, no deodorizers, perfume, deodorants, makeup, hair sprays & gels etc…

    Eclectus parrots are also prone to food allergies. What is his/her diet?
    This website will give you an idea of the diet an eclectus is supposed to be on:

    They’re not like any other parrot when it comes to dietary needs & can also have particular health problems when it comes to pellets & seeds. Please read through the site.

    If her head feathers are plucked then she was in a cage with other birds? She can’t pluck her own head feathers because she can’t reach them. Only another bird can pluck them out. If she’s bolding in spots over her head it may just be a ‘Mojo Moult’. Very common to eclectus parrots. Once mature they can go through rather heavy moults & the head & neck area can often have bold patches. Here’s some info on it, with pictures:

    Mojo moults can appear as small patches or they can cover the whole head or neck. They can also last anywhere up to several months. There is very little understanding as to why the eclectus (only parrot species) goes through such a moult but it isn’t diet or stress related.

    Other than that I recommend an avian vet check, preferably one who is familiar with eclectus parrots. They’re quite unique when it comes to their health & their needs.

    You might also like to visit an eclectus forum & get more feed back.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. SnakeHissperer

    I have 2 eclectus a male and female. I adore mine too. Maigjha my female is about 5 years old and was found abandoned in a bush. I purchased Robbie from Susie Christian.

    1-I would definetely let the owner of the store know ASAP in case the bird dies.
    2-Get the bird to an avian vet-get a written opinion
    3-Call my friend Susie Christian-she has written 6 books on eclectus: 805-772-2038
    Do what she says to do…ok?

    Miagjha is pictured in the slide show on my site. Also there is Bird…just click.

    This should be considered an emergency.

    Good Luck,

    Jerry in Albuquerque

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