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Rescue Pets makes the most wonderful pets around. They are so forgiving, loving and content just to be given a second chance at a forever home. That is how I met and fell in love with my forever pet, Ms. Chloe.

 Upon my first visit to a local shelter, I had one type of pet in mind; something small and cute, like a Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Pincher or any designer dog that was available.  Who knew that I would come across this medium beagle mix named Chloe.  Out of all the dogs in the kennel, she was the only one that wasn’t barking or paying anyone any attention.

 I truly believe that dogs know how to perform and speak to people.  I can just imagine what they were saying to us “hey idiot pick me” or “look this way, I am so cute” or “take me home, so I can chew on your furniture” or “I really need a forever family.” And it works; we do tend to pay more attention to the ones that are yappy and whiny, while the quiet ones are like “something must be wrong with that dog”. 

 It’s true and that is what I actually thought when I looked in Chloe’s kennel.  She just wouldn’t perform like the other dogs were doing.  My husband on the other hand, he just fell head over heels for her.  He says to me, “that’s the one.” And in turn, I just stared at him like he was absolutely crazy. Well, folks that is how and where it all begin. Simply, a  love affair with, the best dog in the world.

After making Chloe our forever pet, we found that she had some special medical needs. The joy of rescuing a dog, you really don’t think of ailments, it’s just the idea of having a pet that needs you as much as you need them. You just want to make a difference.

 However, she was immediately diagnosed and we weren’t guaranteed that she would last a long time with her medical issues, but she did.  We had three wonderful years with her. Pets become your children and by being responsible pet parents, you make sure that everything is done within your powers for your forever baby pet.

 Therefore, I truly believe in natural remedies, the earth is abundant with wonderful ingredients that we can use in our daily lives.  For my girl, I created a line of dog care products that is organic in nature and earth friendly for pets. This was a no brainer, I already create a line of natural products for humans; why not create a line of products for pets as well?

Pets are totally different than we are, they don’t sweat like we do.  A dogs PH balance is different than humans.  This is simply why pets need to have their own line of shampoos and conditioners. Our PH balance is about 5.5 and dogs are 7.5 because pets have more alkaline than humans.  Our pets release toxins through their kidneys and bowels.  Since, there skin is more sensitive, they can also become irritated more easily than humans. By using human shampoos, we are doing more harm than good as well as drying out their coats and causing our pets to itch unnecessarily.

By using natural products, we are doing something good for the environment and our pets. By using commercially made products they will eventually make their way back into our water supply, air and soil damaging the plants with toxins. 

Organic-certified pet care products can and will ensure that your pets do not have environmental side effects.

I was proud when I created Purely Pets; Its Chloe’s exclusive line of earth-friendly, handmade pet care products. This is my way of keeping her wonderful spirit alive by helping others. A portion of the proceeds for this line are donated to various rescue organizations.

The wonderful things about Chloe’s Purely Pets collection is that, the products are detergent-free, tear-free, and easy to rinse, PH balance for pets, hypo-allergenic, bio-degradable and cruelty-free with no SLS, Parabens or artificial colors.

 Natural Products By TMB

At Natural Products By TMB, we believe that it is important to use the best ingredients that nature can provide in our products. Since 2007, TMB has been customizing their products to meet their customers skin care needs.

Today, our product line not only includes our bath, beauty & baby care but, we have added our line of Pet Care products.

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