My two year old male cat has recently had emergency surgery for (chrystals in urine) blockage.?

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Question by J W: My two year old male cat has recently had emergency surgery for (chrystals in urine) blockage.?
The vet said I caught it early and there is no kidney damage. After surgery he was taking a medicine “Torbutrol” to control the spasms he was having when he tried to urinate. This worked. It has been almost two weeks and just in the past couple of days he won’t consistantly use the litter box (his own upstairs). I have taken him outside on his leash and after he is out there a bit he will urinate. This is also a problem when he has his daily bowel movement ( on my son’s magazine, in the middle of the floor, under my bed…)

I need him to USE the LITTERBOX.

I have two 8 year old females and one other old very mellow male. I calmly deal with each occurance. I know anger will only make it worse. I am experienced with cats/pets in general, but this situation is frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That being said…
If you have experience with this please tell me about your situation and anything that worked for you and your cat.
He had surgery, so he Has seen a vet. My vet has him on a prescription moisture filled diet. These things are not the problem.

Someone with a Personal Successful Experience please respond.

Best answer:

Answer by kananaskis95
Please consider putting him on a canned food diet as he needs the extra moisture and the protein will acidify his urine to reduce the build up of stones.

FOr more info from a vet who knows nutrition see

edited to add: moisture and pH are the main culprits, so while I haven’t had a blockage in any of my cats, I think the link I’ve pointed to you is valid. See what it says anyways!

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