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New Haven, CT (PRWEB) November 14, 2007

When it comes to Internet entertainment, MyPetVideos.TV has taught the old dog a cool new trick that promises to explode with popularity.

Now pet and animal lovers of all ages can enjoy an innovative and free new web site created just for them.

A quick exploration of the site may astound you! Nowhere else are you likely to see videos of a dog and a duck who are best friends, a deer that comes indoors for lunch, and a polar bear that can’t seem to get going on Monday morning. Or you can watch a monkey who is a Kung Fu Master; a duck that feeds fish, a water skiing squirrel, and a cat that eats with chopsticks. MyPetVideos.TV is “the cat’s meow” in terms of great entertainment, and it is like virtual catnip for people who love pets and animals and enjoy sharing that passion with others.

“We are a community for people who love pets and animals,” explains the site’s creator, Gene Giannotta. “Visitors can watch and share original videos of pets and animals, easily create their own web page, meet new friends, or communicate with existing friends in a delightful new setting. Plus, the service is absolutely free for everyone.”

Anyone can view the vast collection of footage and photos and contribute their own pet projects –- pun intended. Take a user-friendly tour with the trial version that lets you have a hands-on experience of the site beforehand, and then sign up for free and you will gain instant access to a wide range of cool and creative features. The extensive selection of videos and photos is updated continually from people contributing from all around the globe.

www.MyPetVideos.TV even helps pets speak. How is that possible? By letting you easily add word bubbles to any uploaded video or photo.

Members can also create their own personal web pages, as well as chat with friends, message friends, or create their own blog.

Finally, you just have to sign up for the MyPetVideos.TV “Clip of the Week” email in order to start receiving clips that are guaranteed to brighten your workweek. Just click on the blue button located at the top right hand corner of the website.

If you love pets and animals, www.MyPetVideos.TV is unquestionably the place to be.

The site also offers the comfort and security of knowing that it follows strict personal privacy protocols and does not permit videos that might depict any form of animal cruelty or graphic violence, so that it is suitable for all visitors.

For more information and to experience the site for yourself please visit:


Media Interviews Available – Please contact:

Gene Giannotta

Phone: (203) 907-0305


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