nap time

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nap time

Image by *janine*
rosemary loves to climb down my shirt and take a nap in there.

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6 comments on “nap time

  1. Haha. One of my boys just loves hiding in my boobs, especially when he hears a scary noise or right after he’s had a bath.

  2. PuppiesAreProzac

    Love it! We’ve selected your photo to feature at Puppies Are Prozac with prominent photographer attribution. We’ll add a dose of humor and post it soon! Thanks for offering the CC license.

  3. XD

  4. Ohhh, I can’t think of a more wonderful place for a nap 😉

    Seen in My rats have stolen my heart!!! pocket pets Group

  5. jupp!! 🙂

  6. Safe in my own skin

    Lucky ratta. 🙂

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