Napoleon Wrasse – Southern Red Sea


Took this on the Simply the Best trip the year in the Southern Red Sea
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10 comments on “Napoleon Wrasse – Southern Red Sea

  1. I was just in Sharm in the Red Sea, saw one this big at Middle garden. Excellent fish.

  2. he looks so stoned 😉

  3. haha, I know the one you mean but this was down in the south at the South plateau of Elphinstone. I might uplad the one you mean I think I saw it last April in 2006, and got a good video of it.

  4. they all do…’s the eyes….


  6. speechless…. so close. Amazing footage, mate!

  7. that is so sick!

  8. BlackOut55555666666

    can someone please tell me how to pronounce wrasse?

  9. you’re brave to get that close!

  10. aaaah great pictures…lucky you!

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