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Press SUBSCRIBE to receive all new episodes!!! Texas Holdem, pet food, and horror movies……what more is there to life?!! Dick and Jimmy Van Patten show why they are honored wherever they go in the pet world. Natural Balance pet food has a great selection and is loved by every type of pet and animal even in zoos. Go to and see all the variety. (Thanx again guys and see ya soon!) Dick and Jimmy Van Patten have been producing high quality pet foods for almost 20 years. Do your pet or critter a favor and try their great products. Go to quality retailers like PetCo and try some today or go to http for more information and locations.
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3 comments on “Natural Balance Pet Foods Jimmy and Dick Van Patten

  1. I met the Van Pattens, Dick and Jimmy, really nice guys, they both gave me their autographs.

  2. @adriande1 OMG you are so lucky I hope to meet Nels and Vince some day.

  3. CutePetGazette

    They are the nicest kindest people I have met in the entire pet business. They were the first people to talk to me on camera way back when. It was the Van Pattens that gave me the confidence to think I had a place in this industry. I personally owe them a great deal.

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