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Question by ♥Emo_Girl♥: Neopets Mystery and Cap’n academy help?
Why does the “Cap’n Threelegs’ Swashbuckling Academy” take 6 hours for my pet, but the “Mystery Island Training School” only takes 2 hours for the same thing? Is there a different in how much it levels up my pet?

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Answer by Clarisse
“Generally, Dubloons are cheaper than Codestones, although there are always those cases when it’s a Five Dubloon Coin compared to two Bri Codestones. Don’t know what that means? Maybe this’ll help…

Bri Codestones cost about three thousand Neopoints each and Five Dubloon Coins cost about ten thousand Neopoints each. A substantial difference, no? I’ll leave the experimenting of good prices for both Codestones to you, so that you’ll know from experience what price you should buy them at. (And just so you know, Red Codestones are used for the Secret Ninja Training School, which you can only access if you have a Level 250+ Pet.)

You also have the benefit of knowing beforehand what you have to pay at the Academy–a Dubloon coin of whichever denomination–whereas at the Training School, you have to wait and see which Codestone(s) you need. On the other hand, the Training School courses are ever so slightly faster than the Academy ones. So it just all depends on what the most important factor is for you–time or money.

Remember, though, that you can only train your Pet at the Swashbuckling Academy until they’re Level forty. I don’t know why, but maybe TNT wanted to make sure that the Mystery Island Training School was guaranteed some business.”

Note (by me this time!) – There is no difference as to how both schools level up your pets. As said in above statements: It depends whether you prioritize on TIME OR MONEY.

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