New Blog for Pet Auto Safety

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Overland Park, KS (PRWEB) June 29, 2008

Animal auto safety store has launched a new informational blog which details pet safety issues in the car, allowing customers to take a closer look at the items that keep both them and their pets more secure in a vehicle. The blog, located at, is a big step toward disseminating important pet safety information, as well as a venue for readers to share opinions on this and other pet-related topics.

“I want a community of pet owners to participate in not only pet auto safety, but other pet issues,” says Dawn Ross, owner and operator of Pet Auto Safety and a lifelong pet lover. “I also want pet owners to share their pets and pet training tips, and I want to set up a donation page where my clients can donate directly to their favorite pet foundations. I think it is important for the other bloggers to know that they can discuss multiple pet issues, not just pet auto safety. I do want to get the word out about pet auto safety, but I welcome all conversations on the topic of pets.”

Dawn had originally entered the online retail business with a web site for her artwork, located at, but soon saw further online opportunities. “After I realized how much fun it was to run a web site, I expanded my business to incorporate other things I love — like dogs,” she says. “A few years ago I heard about seat belts for dogs, and thought it was a great idea. I began using seat belts for my dog, and it was a great experience. I decided I was going to get the word out with a new site, and I searched for other manufacturers and found products that proved to be reliable.”

Having expanded from pet safety belts, Pet Auto Safety also includes pet travel seats, safety carriers, auto travel barriers, and a number of other related auto safety products. Recent additions to the site include the a Pet Net barrier, Extend-A-Seat, and RoamEO pet tracking GPS units. “I am currently looking at a product that measures the heat in the car for cases in which someone has to leave their dog in the car, and I am looking at a more advanced pet seat,” says Dawn. “I am often contacted by people who have developed new pet safety products, asking me to try them and possibly sell them from my web site.”

In the future, Dawn plans on creating an additional web site for further pet products, as well as doing more with charities such as the Humane Society. She intends to continue promoting pet auto safety through her blog and store, and encourages readers to take part in discussions on the subject.


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