new kantz practice session..6-16-07

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this one is for the hispanicmakinpanic trying out the oinning i saw on his and skunks videos……..i need lots of practice with that

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9 comments on “new kantz practice session..6-16-07

  1. Now thats pinning at .34

  2. thats not bad but move around a lil more next time. good work

  3. what s that mean at .34?

  4. yea my platform is too small to hang it on a shoe string…….ill just keep trying it this way, so just bob and weave a lil bit more? good look on all those new videos keeps my practicing new shit all the time tho. holla back

  5. hispanicmakingpanic

    Great job big guy, Im honored…Keep working at it!

  6. hispanicmakingpanic

    By the way, my speedbag is not on a string when I pin, that would probably break the string. It’s just a pro swivel and some timing, no gimmicks. Try catching it right before it hits the platform and follow through with your punches big dog.

  7. Excellent job bro.

    5 stars.


  8. thanks for the comment…..5 stars eh? you still hit the bag?

  9. Yup, 5 stars compared to the normal guy that doesn’t try to better himself.

    Your platform was really high back then…I see you’ve lower it since.

    Yeah, I still hit…when I’m not working 12 hr shifts.
    Been doing it for about 1 year or so…I got a few other bags…heavy, double end, etc.
    I pretty much just do it as a hobby, but I really enjoy it too.



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