new kitty


new kitty

Image by Sidereal
Someone abandoned this kitty at the Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore, so I adopted her yesterday. She’s really skinny (hard to see in this pic) but I’ll fatten her up. I haven’t heard her make a single sound yet in the 24 hours I’ve had her.

She needs a name, but I can’t think of one. Suggestions?

(OMG I’m posting pictures of my cat to the internet, omg omg omg)

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  1. What a darling little girl! Congratulations on rescuing her!

  2. I had a mouse once named Nishoku, and her color scheme was similar.
    Although honestly I’d probably name your cat Dr. Science or something.

  3. She looks like such an imp and so feminine…I suggest Peaseblossom, Bianca or Rosalind. I just have a weird affinity for Shakespearean names. My cat is Thisby (which is spelled Thisbe in the play, but no one could pronounce it correctly) and at least you know that not many other cats would share her moniker.
    Congratulations on your lovely little girl.

  4. Sigh. Cats have a way of sucking us in! Even I have pictures of my cats on flickr. Oh, the shame! 😉

    I like jetalone’s suggestion of Shirokuro. I just realized it sounds kinda like Chiaroscuro. What a heavy name for a kitty. 😉

  5. Aw, how sweet. This looks like my old cat, Candy.

  6. Still looking for that name? Instead of Whiskers I would go for Moustache (=french whiskers ;)) – but as it’s a girl, it needs ‘femalizing’ so why not Moustachia? Plain Katinka can too of course – you can yell KAT if she’s not behaving – our cat had her name already when we got her from the pound, so she’s stuck with Oki – feel free to borrow that if you like it 🙂

    hmmm… maybe I should add a few of Oki to my account to…

  7. You are a great kitty-mom …errr dad! I’m really glad you’re doing right by this little furr-baby! yeah FURR-BABY!!! It’s CUTE, isn’t it? Makes you want to get a bit queasy, eh?

    For balance and for those non-cute kitty moments, you can join:


  8. @Superchou: NEVER!!!

    (ehh, give it a week 🙂

  9. @KitschKat: Happy to report I took her scrawniness to the Liberty Animal Clinic this morning and had the wonderful Dr. Brown and his amazing staff give her the works.

    All the scary viral diseases were negative, she has fleas and worms. Not pregnant, not spayed yet (asap). Doused with Advantage flea killer, got a 4 month supply. Got 3 or 4 vaccinations including rabies, and a shiny new rabies vac tag and diploma.

    She was pretty pissed off about all the shots and the shaving and stuff, finally made some noise, but she calmed right down when I got her home and seems perfectly normal now.

  10. now you have to join:


  11. Yeah, forget porn. The internet will collapse under the weight of all the photos of pets, babies and knitting.

  12. chickenofeathers

    She’s all whiskers! You should call her Whiskers! So adorable. You should post LOTS of pictures of her. There are just dozens of cat groups on Flickr (including "furry Friday"). Become a Fawning Cat Parent.

  13. Welcome to the club! I’m really thrilled you resuced the kitty. She’s adorable. Give her time and I’m sure she’ll purr and meow for you. You might want to have your Vet give her the once-over so you don’t bring fleas, etc..into the house (oops!).

    Cat names:
    Adele (noble and kind)
    Gimlet (Having a penetrating or piercing quality: gimlet eyes.)

  14. o but he is too cute!

  15. Spud’s two suggestions are "Pretty" and "Emily".

  16. That’s very clever!

  17. I suggest "Shirokuro" ("B/W" in japanese). 8^)

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