New Mobile Application Presented at the Barcelona 3GSM


San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 9, 2006

POZZ, an advertising agency specialized in video viral marketing on the web and also creator of mobile contents, will present and propose a new set of mini applications to clean customers mobile screens. From the inside…

The “applications” consist of more than 25 wallpapers, screensavers and 20 to 30″ videos of pets licking the screen.

“Yes it works” says Pozz CEO, Eric Pozzo. “Just look at people’s face after they’ve tried it! Would they smile like this if their mobile screens were still dirty?”

“We’ve created many new sets of funny contents. Most of them are featuring pets. Some are pulling their tongue, a few smiling at you. The shooting of the pets, the recording of the sounds represents a huge task, with very patient professionals… You can’t imagine how capricious these dogs were.”

The result is particularly impressive, see the website:

Pozz provides its distributors with good quality video so they can run Tv ads. The first cat runs in Spain, Italy, France, South Africa,… “We hope to see some on asian Tv. Isn’t it the year of the dog ?”

Pozz whishes to build long term partnerships with distributors all around the world. The agency is working on some new concepts of original contents. “Pozz has a really original and different approach of mobile contents. We mainly use video footage and have an eye for original pictures”. These can be introduced and sold through viral video operations on the web.

Pozz was also offered to do direct marketing operations with its attractive contents : “we were approched by a couple of petfood brands to do some promotion actions but we haven’t signed anything yet…”. website should soon integrate new contents and be translated to make it popular in the whole world.

POZZ is an independant agency based in Paris and is the creator of many viral operations on the web. The most famous one was the for the mozilla’s browser Firefox.


Eric Pozzo

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