New Pet Website Becomes Guardian Angel for Pets All Over the World

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Broomfield, CO (PRWEB) August 16, 2009 is a new pet website with a more specific focus: to protect pets and ensure their safety. Website founder Constance Nothe has assembled a broad selection of products and services to provide pet owners peace of mind, ensuring that their pets are safe and remain in good health throughout their lives.

“I’ve had a chocolate lab for quite a long time, and it’s so unusual that labs live this long, but I think at least some of it has to do with how well he’s taken care of,” said Constance Nothe. “While losing our pets is inevitable, we all want them to live as long as possible and lead happy lives.”

Nothe is the founder of, a brand new website that provides all the essential products and services to protect the welfare of pets.

“My goal was to create a website that would provide guidance to pet lovers about how to keep their pets safe,” said Nothe. “In order to reach that goal, I chose to offer services like pet health insurance and pet airlines, and products like pet life jackets, identification tags and a lot more.”

While Nothe has several products and services available on the website at the current time, she plans to expand in the near future. “I’ll be adding more as I find it, but right now I’m working on expanding our products to cover kennels and pet doors,” said Nothe. “I just recently added underground and wireless pet fences, which are great for people who don’t have a fenced yard.”

In order to reach out to other pet lovers and speak about the importance of pet safety and what owners can do to protect their pets, Nothe created a new blog at Nothe plans to use the blog in tandem with her website to provide useful information about all aspects of pet care.

“I want to educate owners on how to care for pets during all stages of their lives,” said Nothe. “I’ll also be talking about more specific topics, like how to make use of a harness for a small dog, or how to install underground or wireless pet fences.”

Pet owners around the world will love pairing with Nothe to care for their furry friends, and ensure pets lead longer, fuller and happier lives.

About the Company: is owned by pet lover Constance Nothe.

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