New Report Reveals Goldfish Care Secrets


(PRWEB) March 15, 2005

“When it comes to goldfish there is a lot to know. I have had goldfish all my life and I love caring for them. So I figured the best thing I could do as a goldfish lover was share this information with other like-minded owners. After years of owning goldfish and seeing so many people address the issue of goldfish care in such a haphazard manner, I decided to write a complete guide book called ‘Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Goldfish And More’ (” says Sturge.

Goldfish do require special care but once learnt it’s not that hard to understand their needs and care for them. They are worth every bit of effort of course as they will reward their owners a hundred fold in enjoyment. “Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Goldfish And More’” aims to take all the guesswork out of goldfish ownership. It provides details of how to avoid the mistakes and potentially disastrous situations that most goldfish owners have been vulnerable to in the past, possibly putting their goldfish’s health and well being in danger.

“Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Goldfish And More” is aimed at both new and old goldfish owners alike with the never-ending task of taking care of their pet’s happiness and well-being. Topics covered include: A quick and easy to understand checklist to have with you when buying a goldfish, A simple step-by-step tank cleaning strategy to keep your goldfish house perfectly ‘balanced’ and looking great at all times, The special rules for raising a happy, healthy goldfish that every owner must know, The surprisingly easy steps you should take to make sure your goldfish stays healthier and lives longer, How to pick the right plants, rocks and ornaments for your goldfish and more.

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