New Report Reveals Hamster Care Secrets

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(PRWEB) March 11, 2005

“When it comes to hamsters there is a lot to know. I have had hamsters all my life and I love caring for them. So I figured the best thing I could do as a hamster lover was to share this information with other like-minded owners. After years of owning hamsters and seeing so many people address the issue of hamster care in such a haphazard manner, I decided to write a complete guide book” says Rea. More

Hamsters do require special care but once learnt it’s not that hard to understand their needs and care for them. They are worth every bit of effort of course as they will reward their owners a hundred fold in enjoyment and companionship. “Hamster Happy” aims to take all the guesswork out of hamster ownership. It provides details of how to avoid the mistakes and potentially disastrous situations that most hamster owners have been vulnerable to in the past, possibly putting their hamster’s health and well being in danger.

“Hamster Happy” is aimed at both new and old hamster owners alike with the never-ending task of taking care of their pet’s happiness and well-being. Topics covered include: How to avoid buying a hamster that may not live very long, What is the best age for a hamster to be adopted and when are they too young, What is the answer to: should I buy my hamster from a pet store or breeder?, How to build your own cage at home and save money, What bedding materials to use to keep your hamster practically odor free, What vitamins does your hamster need to stay healthy, How to check your hamster for the dreaded Wet Tail, How to groom and bath your hamster and more.

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