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Fish You See-new site for saltwater fishermen, reliable source of fishing news, photos and information. Worldwide directory of sport fishing charters, party boats, landings and trips in Australia, Canada, Mexico and USA, great source to find best deals on fishing tackles and gears. From Cairns, Australia’s 30 top marlin, game fish charters and 25 party boats fishing for tuna, swordfish and Australian crabs to 61 tuna, swordfish and Dorado charters, landings in Cabo San Lucas, East Cape, Loretto, La Paz, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Campache and Cozumel in Mexico all are there.  Find more than three dozen famous British Colombia’s halibut & salmon charters, landings in Canada and more than 100 fishing landings, charters and party boats in California. Choose right destination for your next fishing trip, search tons of charters, landings, party boats on, check schedules, prices, fisherman’s opinions and make reservation for  your best deep ocean fishing journey. All this can be done on the single Trip s page of Fish You See, which present more than 400 world top fishing charters, landings and party boats in the best sport fishing destinations all around the world. When you’ve done with your trip reservation, it’s a good time to check out your fishing tackles and gears inventory. If you need something go to Fish You See Tackles directory, which presents wide variety of saltwater reels, lines, hooks, lures, accessories and fishing electronics sold by Amazon, eBay and other respectful sellers. You’ll find best deals, options, best prices for famous reels from Avet, Penn and Shimano, strong and reliable Spectra lines from PowerPro, game fish lines from P-Line, Ande, SeaGuar.The old and steady productive Zucchini lures are there next to newly developed SevenStrand electronic acoustic lure for big game fish and fishing tournaments. Nice choices of tackles boxes, scales, knives and wide variety of fishing electronics: GPS devices, fishfinders and other sophisticated devices for successful fishing. Great collection of salt water sport fishing books for all levels of salt water fishermen presented on the Tackles page: “Saltwater Game Fishing”,”Saltwater Angler’s Guide to Southern California”, “Fishing Encyclopedia”, “The Complete Book of Fishing Knots” and etc.     After hot and productive summer months of fishing you will be pleased to view a lot of fishing photos at Fishermen’s Gallery, read fishing news and stories at Fishermen’s Galley. Don’t forget to post there your best photos, video and good fishing stories, share your fishing tips, fishing knots and fishing tales. Find and enjoy, post your own best seafood recipes! Sounds Good!? Isn’t it?! So go and check it for yourself and if you like it let your fishing buddies know. We are proud to present as new generation of sport fishing sources, sport fishing destinations, fishing news and fishing directories based on and integrated the newest web developing and design technologies. Saltwater savvy and newest fishermen, bloggers, experienced fishermen and regular guys will find it extremely useful and easy to navigate. Indeed, Fish You See directory of world’s top fishing charters, landings, fishing equipment and fishing multimedia sources is extremely easy to use in daily global search for hot fishing news, fishing spots, fishing tackles, photos and recipes.

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