Oh Rats!! Crazy News Story From Kentucky

Pittman & Davis

Hello, this story is a story I helped produce. It involves a woman that has been feeding some rats outside of her home and they continued to multiply. This by far was one of the strangest stories I ever worked on. Enjoy!!:)
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25 comments on “Oh Rats!! Crazy News Story From Kentucky

  1. lol this is so funny, I’m from kentucky and the only story on here from my state is about some dumb ass lady who fed rats lol. And yes, that is how everyone in kentucky talks.

  2. Actually, Tennessee has way more country rednecks then in kentucky, Kentucky has lots of very educated people here, lol and also alot of drug dealin hicks.

  3. Ok, that’s just fucking ignorant, there are way more white people that live in kentucky than black, and you are going to say it’s ghetto just because there were black people in it? That’s just plain dumb, Why don’t you just go kill yourself, This was just a funny news story, why does race even have to be an issue?

  4. destonproduction

    This is fake and gay

  5. I feel bad for the rats. If you want to keep pests away, the number 1 rule is to keep the place clean. Keep food secured so that creatures can’t get into it, and keep things as clean as you can.

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