Oreo on WNBC for Nutro Pet Food Recall

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Oreo on WNBC for Nutro Pet Food Recall

Image by SheepGuardingLlama
This is Oreo our Boston Terrier when he made the evening and then morning news on WNBC in NYC for the Menu Foods pet food recall. He ate Nutro wet food and was very, very sick. He was hospitalized for 26 hours but we caught it in time and he is doing better now and only eating home cooked food.

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  1. SheepGuardingLlama

    Just an update… Oreo is still doing very well and shows no lingering symptoms from his poisoning. He is a happy, healthy little boy who loves to snuggle and is very happy that his mommy cooks for him instead of buying him canned food. He eats only top grade human food now and loves it. He is so much healthier now because of that. It has really given him a new lease (or leash) on life.

  2. SheepGuardingLlama

    He has had a complete recovery as far as we know. He had been in the early stages of renel failure for about two weeks when we got him to the vet once we realized that he had had the tainted pet food. He was still drinking water and they put him on an IV for over a day and he starting getting better quite quickly.

    His "week later" checkup came back with a clean bill of health. He is really enjoying the home cooking now.

  3. Poor, poor Oreo. I’m so glad he’s better.

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