Orijen Premium Pet Food

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25 comments on “Orijen Premium Pet Food

  1. rctriplefresh5

    youre scaring your dogs,
    anyway canidae grain free has 80 percent meat and is much cheaper than orijen!

  2. rctriplefresh5

    has less protein too so it doesnt upset tummies.

  3. passfieldandmarmol

    this food is good and bad for two reasons it has liethen which is soy and chickenfat which is rancid and can cause tearstains and its good because of the fresh meat and veggies and berrys so on

  4. Poor dogs, you could of given them more to eat, they were hungry and licking an empty bowl. They gobled that in 2 seconds flat.
    Give them more you tight wad.

  5. EpicShenanigansChuck

    how much does a big bag liek that cost?

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