Our Pal Zoey


Our Pal Zoey

Image by ClaraDon
I’m posting this only because I want to warn all of you dog owners out there of this problem,
Any of you that have pets (cats or dogs) need to read this information. Recently, a friend had to put her beloved pet to sleep due to complete kidney failure. It was diagnosed that her dog had ingested something poisonous such as anti-freeze. It turned out, that it was an ingredient in the Canyon Creek Ranch dog treats she had given her. After hearing this and searching online, I found out that this is a huge problem! There are companies that get some of their ingredients from China that contain ‘melamine’ and other poisonous things. Here is a list of products/or Companies that have had pet deaths from eating their treats.

So far, the list of brands with treats made in China or that are being linked to pet illness and deaths are:

Waggin Train
Canyon Creek Ranch
Booda Bones – Aspen Pet
Milo’s Kitchen
American Kennel Club
Ever Pet ($ $ General)
Home Pet 360
Walgreen’s new brand – Simple

If your pet has eaten tainted treats, symptoms may include:
Decreased appetite
Decreased activity
Increased water consumption
Increased urination

All of this information came from a very trusted contact Here
The lady (Lizardgirl) whose pet died left a comment in this post.

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  1. passion4oldplaces

    THANK YOU for the helpful information! We have cats and one dog so I am so thankful to you!
    This is the most beautiful little dog!!!! Love that pretty red bow! So cute! GREAT shot!

    Seen in Artistic Portraits of All Kinds
    ~ favorite people & animals
    Artistic Portraits of All Kinds ~ favorite people & animals

    (post 1~award 1)

  2. I’ve heard something about this here in Spain too… I feel so sorry for your friend, I know how painful it might be to say goodbye to a little friend.
    Zoey looks gorgeous in the pic

  3. Thanks for info. And sorry your friend, and others, had to deal with this.

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