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Please vote for Princess or Tara just leave your vote in the comments below . Please only vote once per pet only one vote will count .To enter the contest just leave a video responce to this video of your cutest pet . First of Peewee’s cutest pet contest . My dog peewee has a new website and youtube contest . The contest is the cutest pets on youtube . Just send us your cutest pet video . We will pick the best and make a youtube video. Post your cutset pest video’s in the video response below or go to Today contestants are Princess sent in by lriolcyks channel link Also Tara sent in by moscreations channel Thanks to partners in rhyme for the music loop on the farm
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  2. dreamsthatkillme

    Princess 🙂

  3. TARA ♥

  4. princess 😛

  5. i vote for tara shes adorable

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