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Pittman & Davis Of the eight million pets that enter animal shelters and rescue groups every year, approximately three million of these healthy and treatable pets are euthanized due to a lack of adoption. While there has been steady progress on the issue, the continued euthanasia of our best friends and family members is a national tragedy. Adopting a pet is a life-changing and enriching experience. It not only saves an animal’s life, but adopted pets also provide unconditional love, affection and attention. Research has even shown that owning a pet has many positive psychological and physical health benefits. Presently, most people do not obtain their pets from shelters, but rather from pet stores, the Internet, friends, breeders or other sources. In an effort to change this trend, The Shelter Pet Project is designed to encourage pet lovers throughout the country to make shelters and rescue groups the first place they turn to when acquiring companion animals. Campaign ads use humor to give shelter pets a voice and break down negative stereotypes; contrary to popular beliefs, animals most frequently find themselves in shelters due to owner-related issues. At the http users will find information about how to adopt from a shelter, as well as a fun matching tool designed to help potential pet owners identify traits to look for in an animal. Based on results, it will even supply a list of suitable pets avilable in local shelters. Other fun and interactive tools
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15 comments on “Pet Adoption – Affair

  1. Poor kitty! I’ll adopt that one!

  2. haha so funny i liked it but i bet this psa is goin to be banned from tv cuz of the sex idk

  3. That was hilarious and weirdly adorable. Your pet adoption ads are perfect!

  4. She has a mustache?

  5. Is that Drew Barrymore?

  6. LOL
    ” im gonna go pack >.>”

  7. Anyone who takes their anger out on an animal by abandoning it because of the actions of a person should be banned from having pets, and probably from having kids.

  8. @MFThaimese

    I don’t think she was taking her anger out on the cat. I think she was taking her anger out on her man and the girl that he was with. 🙁
    I know that I would throttle the first person who took their anger out on an animal. 🙁

  9. @CelesteK Getting rid of the cat just because the guy who gave it to her is a jerk counts as taking it out on the cat, I think. Doesn’t really matter, either way – it’s still the cat that suffers most.

  10. “They’re the ones with problems…”

    …You know, even if a guy did run around on me like that, the cat would pretty much still be in the clear. Drowning our sorrows in ice cream and catnip for a day or two, then business as usual.


  12. I adopted a cat that looks just like this one from a local shelter. I named her Princess. She is a wonderful pet. I also adopted a little dog. This dog likes to lick people’s faces to death and loves to play catch. His name is Rusty. Another wonderful shelter pet. Only problem is that Princess doesn’t like dogs so I have to keep them separated.

  13. Bless her heart…

  14. Who has sex with their cat RIGHT there.

  15. haha aww i wanna go steal tht kat away from those crazy nuts lol

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