“Pet Agree”, should i buy?

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Question by Feathers In My Fur: “Pet Agree”, should i buy?
People told me to use this product called a “E-collar” which uses shock training. I don’t like that kinda stuff, so after surfing the web for awhile I found this product called “Pet Agree” for training.


The link above shows what it is. Does anyone have any opinions on it? Or can give me further information on it such as can it work for any command? What exactly makes it different from a dog whistle or a normal voice command? Or anything else that could help me so I know what exactly it does further than just making a sound.

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Answer by rate86
By reading the reviews, it sounds to me like it is hurting their ears and they are afraid of it. I do not care for shock collars or anything like that. I guess this is an alternative but it still sounds like the noise it makes hurts the dogs ears, the one guy said just by showing his dog the device it will listen , sounds a little harsh to me. Its like after beating the dog with newspaper if you show the dog newspaper it is going to be scared.

I would invest in dog school for the dog and yourself. this will help both of you out without hurting the other one. Good luck.

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  1. In my opinion thats totally unnessessary as is shock training which is also very cruel, training classes is all you need and your voice will work better than anything else, going to training classes will be good bonding for you and your dog and doing fun things with your dog will make it listen to you more.

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