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Having your dog or cat along for a ride can be fun for both of you. But having the pet roam freely in the car can be dangerous for you and your pet. Not to mention how hard it is on the upholstery.

Over 30,000.00 accidents are caused each year by cats, dogs and pets that are not in pet car seats. Many pets are severely injured by sudden stops and are often killed when in an accident.

A dog, cat, pet car seat can make any trip with your pet happier and safer for everyone. A comfortable secured pet will be better behaved and will quickly learn their place while on a ride with mom or dad.

Proper restraints will keep your dog or cat secured and in one place as well as protect the cars upholstery from nail marks and or punctures.

Many pet car seats are machine washable in case your pet drools or has an accident. There are also many brands with booster seats as well, allowing your dog or cat to sit up high enough to see out of the car windows.  Some will even have storage for organizing anything your pet might need like treats or toys.

Pet car seats come in different sizes to accommodate any size dog or cat. Some are flexible and can be used in either the front or back seats of the car. Still others are portable and can be used as a bed if you are traveling over night and need to stay the night in a motel. Your dog or cat will feel right at home.

Pet car seats are catching on all over the country. Everyone loves their pets and wants only the best for them. Bottom line is this, love your pet, protect your pet.

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