Pet Care Blog Launches With Helpful Pet Health Tips

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Pet Care Blog Launches With Helpful Pet Health Tips

Glendale, AZ (PRWEB) October 22, 2010, a blog dedicated to providing helpful pet health information, was formally launched today. The blog offers pet owners objective pet health information and entertaining articles about various pet topics.

According to blogger Lisa Carlisle, the blog’s main ambition is to educate pet owners on how to provide their pets with active, safe and happy lives. “We want visitors to get the impression that pet health is an essential part of pet ownership,” said Carlisle. “When the quality of your pet’s life depends directly on your actions and living habits, it’s important to understand that your pet’s safety, health and happiness should be just as vital as your own.”

Estimates released by various veterinarian organizations, including the Veterinary Oncology & Hematology Center and American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, reveal that Americans spend billions of dollars on pet care each year, but because of recent economic conditions, the number of veterinary visits has decreased.

“Because many pet owners don’t have as much disposable income for veterinary care, it’s important to focus on preventative measures that allow your pet to avoid unnecessary medical problems,” said Carlisle. “The trends in pet health are pointing in the right direction – we need to focus on providing pets with an active, healthy lifestyle.”

Obesity in dogs and other animals has been on the rise in recent years, a trend that somewhat reflects the number of obese people in America. As with humans, dogs and other animals need regular exercise, dietary constraints and other healthy lifestyle habits to remain in good shape.

In recent articles, has addressed natural and herbal remedies for pets, the effectiveness of pet insurance, and pet grooming tips to keep your pet clean and your home sanitary. According to Carlisle, the blog launched at the right time – before the holidays.

“Pet ownership can be magnified around the holidays – owners want to buy gifts and treats for their pets. People even give pets as gifts, so it will be helpful to have a blog where new and seasoned pet owners can find helpful pet health information.”

Visit to learn more about pet health and care.

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