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Now that people are caring for their elderly, paralytic, and handicapped pets, devices like k9 wheelchairs are becoming popular. But how do you decide which is the best dog cart for your best friend?

One of the best ways is to watch movies of dogs in Walkin Wheels. These great You Tube videos will show you how your dog will live in a wheelchair.

There are hundreds of videos on the web that show people’s experience with dog mobility devices including instructions and demonstrations about how to use the pet mobility devices, animals playing with one another in the k9 carts, and, in one case, a spirited, healthy dog climbing mount Washington in a dog wheelchair.

These videos illustrate how well these handicapped pets products help dogs walk. A pet wheelchair can give a dog freedom again and, most important, help him get the exercise he or she needs to live happily.

In the past, it was common to put a dog to sleep when he or she became infirm. Indeed, if a dog is suffering, it may be time to make an end of life decision. But we see so many cases where otherwise healthy dogs lose the ability to walk and it takes only one deep look into their soulful eyes to realize that this is a lively dog; full of life and vigor. This is when a canine cart should be used.

Dog carts come in several ways.

Make sure your cart comes fully assembled or snaps together easily.

In the past, they used to make custom carts for dogs. This would require that the owner take more than a dozen measurements, send them to the manufacturer with a 50 percent (often non-refundable) deposit, and wait two weeks while the cart was built. If the measurements were not taken exactly right, they canine cart could be ill-fitting and even, in some cases injure the dog.

Now, Dog carts can be bought fully adjustable, usually shipped same day so that the owner can get the wheels tomorrow, fit it to the dogs, and be off and running right away. Also, an adjustable dog wheel chair can be returned to the manufacturer if it doesn’t work for your dog, and re-sold to any other dog or donated to a shelter when it is no longer needed. The fact that adjustable dog wheelchair can fold flat is also an advantage because you can put it in the trunk of a car, or carry it with the included tote bag.
These benefits, and more apply to only the newer adjustable walkin wheels – not the old-style custom carts. Shelters often do not accept donations of custom made carts because they can’t be used for dogs other than the one it was built for.

The best way to see how wonderful these pet wheel support systems are is to see them in action at dog wheelchair movies websites on you tube and on the web.

One website, has hundreds of home-movies made by customers themselves, that show dogs who start walking again as soon as they have their wheels on. Instructional videos on this site also show how easy it is to get dogs in and out of their k9 wheel chairs.

Pete Piper is a freelance writer for pet magazines and websites like Pet mobility device If you’re looking for reviews or videos about canine carts see Dog Wheelchair Movies or Dog Wheelchair You Tube Videos for information on a pet cart so your dog can live a more comfortable life be sure to visit us today.

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