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Pittman & Davis

These are some of the few dogs on Pet Finder. Please adopt a homeless pet. When an animal looks at you, you see loyalty, trust, encouragement, and love. So go on Pet Finder and find a pet that’s right for you. And don’t forget to have your dogs spayed and neutered so it’s puppies don’t end up on pet Finder. Please, akgnolage this video and go onto Pet Finder. There are tons of animals who would love to live with you, so why not get one? Your animal will be your best friend forever, and will not forget that.
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9 comments on “Pet Finder

  1. This video gave me chills. I adopted a homeless dog and cat, but it always hurts me to see how many other dogs and cats are out there needing a home.

  2. lovemybrothergabey

    these dogs are BEAUTIFUL and the CUTTEST………….OMG!!!!!

  3. i want to adopt a puppy a baby pup that has hair my whole family wants one

  4. i would love to adopt
    but my dad is a meany poo and says we can’t

  5. i want to adopt but i dont know how…their so cute dogs…

  6. jobrosbigestfan

    well, you can always go to your local animal shelter or on petfinder, wher you can get a summary of that dog,what it needs, and how to get it. there are many ways to learn and adopt a dog.

  7. ok tanx for the info..if only we have that here in the philippines

  8. it made me cry :'(

  9. razzledazzle226

    0:42 is identical to my dog!

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