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    Practical Pet Stroller, June 16, 2005

    This review is from: Pet Gear PG8100ST Happy Trails Pet Stroller, Cobalt Blue (Kitchen)

    I had been looking for months before finally choosing to purchase this pet stroller. No cute frills – this was the most practical that I found, both for pet and guardian. Although it was very easy to assemble, it took me about half an hour of scratching my head trying to figure out why there were parts missing, and why I had parts that weren’t listed on the diagram. Fortunately I read one of the other reviews here on Amazon, and she explained how to put it together…phew!
    Come on Pet Gear Inc. company – you really need to update your assembly instructions !
    Other than incoherent instructions (read other review if you need help), I am very satisfied with this purchase. Now I can take my little dog almost everywhere, and when her tiny legs are tired out there’s a place she can go for a snooze without my having to carry her, or take her home.

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  2. Terry R. Kline "mrspiggy549"
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    Madison travels in style!, July 10, 2005
    Terry R. Kline “mrspiggy549” (Loxahatchee, FL…Say that 3 x fast!!) –

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    This review is from: Pet Gear PG8100ST Happy Trails Pet Stroller, Cobalt Blue (Kitchen)

    Our boy, Madison, loves his stroller. He was a bit apprehensive, at first, when zipped-in, but soon settled down. This is a well built item…Nothing flimsy about it.

    Our only complaints are: The zipper is a little difficult to get started and the pad could stand a little more cushioning (we added a “blankie”). Also, I would have liked the bottom portion of the front screen to have been a bit more rigid….We like to keep the screen open, at times. Perhaps a safety strap (to connect to a harness) would be nice, as well.

    On the plus side, Madison has been accepted in many previously forbidden places and he is safe from the probing hands of strangers! This stroller is narrower than a baby stroller, which makes it easier to navigate in stores and crowded areas. The generous canopy provides plenty of shade and both the underneath basket and parent tray supply ample storage space.The mesh is airy and allows us to keep an eye on our boy. Oh, we also love the easy folding mechanism….A flat fold can be achieved in seconds….And away we go!

    All in all, I can see that we will get a lot of use out of this stroller. Being a dachshund, Madison has always been height disadvantaged; he is now enjoying “the high life!”

    Added: 2/08/06

    We lost one of the cute “paw” hubcaps. I E-mailed Pet Gear and less than a week later, they sent a replacement…Plus a spare!

    Added: 4/4/08

    After almost 3 years of constant use, Madison is still enjoying his stroller. He has traveled up and down the East coast; visits to malls and museums are among his faves. A few quick wipes with a sponge, keep his “vehicle” always looking like new!

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  3. Rebecca Johnson "The Rebecca Review"
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    Meesa Kitten’s Stroller Ride, March 27, 2005
    Rebecca Johnson “The Rebecca Review” (Washington State) –

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    This review is from: Pet Gear PG8100ST Happy Trails Pet Stroller, Cobalt Blue (Kitchen)

    Since my new kitten Meesa loves to run outside the minute we open the door, I felt she was adventurous enough to venture outside in a stroller. She also cries when I leave her alone and so the only solution seems to be to take her with me when I leave the house to go walking or to go get the mail.

    Both cats were very curious about this new object as it sat in the living room. I pretended it didn’t exist for a few days and then started to put each cat in the stroller and left the zipper panel open so they could get in and out and not feel trapped. Once you go outside you will appreciate the safety the zipper panel provides. Your cat will be spared the inconvenience of being chased by dogs, that type of thing.

    So, after a few days, Meesa was ready to go outside. Since she was used to the stroller, she felt safe. I put her mouse toy in the stroller and lined the base with a soft towel. We then ventured out to get the mail. She was in bliss. Not only could she view everything from the safety of her mesh viewing window, she could also see me through the top opening and see out the sides. So, no matter if she was sitting, laying down or looking back at me, she felt safe.

    My main concern was that being in a stroller would cause her too much stress. I know how cats seem to dislike suddenly being put in new environments. It seems Meesa is rather adventurous.

    The Happy Trails Pet Stroller Features: Shock absorbers in the front wheels, 4 Pet viewing windows, Front Entry with Zipper, Waterproof Material, Top opening to view pet and a One-Hand Fold Mechanism for folding the stroller easily in half.

    If you are taking the stroller with you on a trip, it will store flat. Unfolds again in an instant. You will also enjoy the Ergonomic handle.

    Other features for your convenience:

    Parent-Tray for water/keys, leash, etc.

    Waterproof tray on the inside base of stroller – can be removed for cleaning

    Large storage basket – You could use this for going on a picnic and taking lunch if you are heading to a park. Also useful if walking down to the mailbox or for carrying around cat toys or other kitten luxuries.

    The only thing I was worried about when I ordered this stroller was the handlebar. I wasn’t sure if it was expandable. This might be an issue if you are very tall or want to stand further back from the stroller. I found I could easily push the stroller from the side while walking or walk behind the stroller without any problem. They could improve this item by allowing the user to adjust the handle bar position and length.

    Assembly: To assemble this item all you do is take the stroller out of the box and then you attach the wheels. Now, if only the instructions matched what is in the box. Fortunately it was easy enough to figure out, although I do think they need to update assembly instructions for the wheels immediately if not sooner. It seems they updated the design, but are still using an older pamphlet. I did not find a collet or a collet cover, but another metal “hair-pin-like” object that fastened the wheel onto the axle very easily. Like putting a hairpin through a metal bar with a hole in it. So, that was easy enough.

    Once you get the wheels on, there is a tiny hubcap. Once the rear wheels are attached to the rear axle, you just slide the rear axle onto the frame until it clicks and locks. The front wheels are already assembled and all you have to do is basically remove the covers and press the wheels onto the front of the frame base. Assembly took me about 10 minutes max.

    Suitable for pets up to 33 lbs – cats and dogs or I’d imagine other pets who love to get out of the house now and then.

    Very lightweight – easy to push with one hand

    8″ wheels – Perfect on rugged terrain and the shock absorbers make the ride
    more comfortable.

    Fully lined canopy made from 600 Denier waterproof material – walk rain or shine.

    Easy to store, fold or take with you when you travel

    Replaceable parts – See the website for customer service.

    To minimize wear and tear, they suggest you keep all moving parts in the wheels lubricated with WD40, but they make a note about not lubricating the brake components or swivel locks.

    For Pets Only – perfect for older pets, new kittens, puppies, small dogs and other small animals.

    My new kitten and I love this stroller and I think you will enjoy this product. Now I look forward to going outside for more walks because I don’t have to worry about Meesa getting lonely. She likes to be within 4 feet of wherever I am these days and follow me around like a puppy. She is currently sleeping on the desk in her comfy kitten bed. Eventually I’ll train Meesa to deal with a leash so she can get out of the stroller when we arrive…

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