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Being prepared by putting your pet on a preventative program that works to protect them from contracting heartworm, is far easier on them than the treatment they would have to undergo for heartworm disease. Placing pets on monthly medications for the prevention and treatment of heartworm not only saves countless lives, but it also saves pet owners a lot of money. Treating a pet that has advanced heartworm disease is not only costly to owners, but the outcome is not always pleasant for pets due to the harsh treatment on their bodies.

Your pet is an important, loving member of your family and keeping them as healthy as possible so that they may live very long lives is something responsible pet owners take seriously. There are many affordable preventative medication products available for helping to keep your pets safe from heartworm disease and other diseases that affect pets all of the time.

Oral Meds for the Prevention and Treatment of Heartworm Disease

Medications that protect your cats and dogs from heartworm disease are now available in great tasting flavors. Pets will think they are getting a treat while you know you are safeguarding them from a very serious disease. The following medications can fit into most families’ budget as well:

Heartgard Plus for Dogs®: Helps guard your dog against heartworm and controls other parasites that can harm your pet such as hookworms and roundworms.

Iverhart Max™: Chewable once a month tablets for dogs that protect them from heartworm and other parasitic infections.

Sentinel® Flavor Tabs®: Once a month tablets that prevent heartworm disease, flea and worm infestations in puppies and dogs.

Interceptor® Flavor Tabs®: Tablets that can be safely given to cats and dogs to offer them protection from heartworm disease.

Heartgard Chewables for Cats®: Safely prevents heartworm disease in felines and removes hookworms. Most cats will take these enjoyable tasting tablets without putting up any fuss at all.

Topical Solutions for Protection from and Treating Heartworms

Topical solutions for preventing and treating heartworm, as well as fleas and ticks, are fantastic and can effectively safeguard your pets. These are quite helpful to pet owners with pets that pose a problem when taking pills. The following topical solutions can also fit into most families’ budget plans:

Advantage Multi for Dogs®: A once monthly topical solution for the prevention and treatment of the early stages of heartworm.

Revolution® for Dogs: A multi-purpose topical solution for dogs which works as a flea killer, and heartworm preventative, while treating and controlling ear mites.

Advantage Multi for Cats®: A once a month topical solution applied to the skin, under the fur, that offers your cat protection from heartworm disease. This is usually placed between, and slightly under, the cats’ ears to prevent them from licking the medication. Advantage Multi for Cats also works to kills fleas, ear mites, and other parasites that can be harmful to your pet.

Revolution® for Cats®: A monthly topical soultion that prevents heartworm disease while killing adult fleas and their eggs, and controls ear mites and other parasites.

There are new ways to help cut costs for pet meds without cutting the quality of the products. To save money, choose a multi-purpose medication that prevents and treats heartworm, fleas, ticks, other parasites and the diseases they carry.

Many pet owners first become aware of preventative pet medications for heartworm at their veterinarian when they bring a pet in for an annual examination. Your veterinarian is an excellent resource for finding out information about heartworm and other pet medications. You can usually buy pet medications for heartworm prevention and treatment directly from your veterinarian’s office.

Pet owners can also go online and search for reputable suppliers of the medications your pet needs. It is possible to save a substantial amount of money on medications by buying them online.  With less overhead to drive up the prices, many online suppliers of pet medications for heartworm prevention and treatment can offer buyers incentives such as free shipping or discounts on purchasing a three-month supply for your pet.

If you have a pet, most likely they are a very important part of your family. Ensuring their health and safety is a priority to most. Helping to guard pets against heartworm disease and any other diseases that can harm them will enable them to live longer and happier lives. This also safeguards your family against illnesses and diseases that pets can transmit to the humans around them.  Show your pet how much you care about them by providing them with the protection that they need all year long.

Rachel Jackson is a freelance writer who often writes about topics pertaining to the care of pets and health options for pets such as pet meds.

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