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If you’re looking to purchase a new pet or trying to research information on your animal’s breed, it’s important to go beyond basic pet profiles. To really seek out the characteristics of different breeds or information that goes beyond what the Kennel Club guidelines tell you, you need to find animal profiles that are anecdotal, include breed pictures and are connected to active and valuable pet forums.

Keep reading for great resource ideas on how to find fellow pet owners, link up with pet experts and breeders on forums, access pet profiles and choose a pet online.

1. Pet Forums and Online Breed Communities

Pet forums are a great way to make connections with fellow pet owners or breeders both in your area and abroad. Message boards let you ask questions, search for old questions and really bond with your fellow pet-lovers.

If you’re looking for specific breed profile information, a number of pet forums and pet classifieds’ sites also host web communities that are tailored specifically to say Terrier lover’s or parrot discussion.

If you’re still trying to decide on which pet to buy, try asking in pet forums for suggestions. For example, most pet enthusiasts would be able to tell you that if you live alone in a downtown apartment and like a quiet house, a Pekingese could be a great fit.

2. Great Breed and Pet Profiles

A good pet profile delves deeper than how long a Labrador Retriever’s back legs should be or whether or not an Abyssinian cat’s ears should be trimmed. A breed profile that’s useful should also tell you how this animal behaves as a pet and companion.

The reader should get a clear concept of what a Boston Terrier is like with small children or whether or not a Beagle needs a good fence (it does). Seek out pet profiles online to help choose your pet, but seek out ones that give you an insight into what life will really be like with your new pet.

If you’re a quiz-person, the Animal Planet website at has a few online quizzes to help you choose the right dog or cat breed. Other sites, like or host extensive breed profiles alongside their pet classifieds and online forums.

3. Get Photographic

Try some Google Image searches or other image search engines to hunt down pictures and images of your prospective puppy, cat, horse, bird or exotic pet. Appearance can be important, so really get a feel for the breed that you may be choosing before you make a decision. Also, a good online breed profile should include a breed picture, so if you’re doing your reading and research, you shouldn’t have to look too far.

Finding and choosing a pet doesn’t have to be a headache, especially not online. Just remember to use your resources; including thorough pet profiles, pet expert forums and online breed communities. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and before deciding on a pet, always research the topic thoroughly and make your choice wisely.

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