Pet Rabbit Has Skin Problem… Fur Mites?

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Question by Pandamay: Pet Rabbit Has Skin Problem… Fur Mites?
Hi! I have an 8 year old bunny who recently developed some “flaky” skin patches on her ears. If I rub the spot, skin flakes come off as well as the fur. I have tried finding information out of the internet, and the best I have come up with is “fur mites.” Are there any bunny vets, or bunny owners who have had a similar problem? Thank you for your help — I am worried about my little Bun 🙂

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Answer by Kris L
You should be able to take your bunny to ANY vet in your area … or you can ‘call’ and ask several if they ‘deal with rabbits and their health problems’ and that may get you a slightly better vet …

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  1. Hello there, I used to have a few rabbits who had that problem and they would fidget whenever I try to rub those flakes off. I guess that’s making them feel horrible and painful.

    One good way to make your bunny feel better is to change her cage frequently, wash the cage thoroughly (best if you can disinfect!) and apply some sort of anti-mites gel/cream that you can get from your local pet shop.

    Feed her rabbits’ vitamins if possible. You can get those at pet shops too.

    Or, it maybe due to a change in the sawdust/bedding for her cage? Have you recently changed the brand for her cage bedding?

    So, here’s a simple checklist for you:
    1) change cage
    2) go to your pet shop and get
    – vitamins,
    – disinfect solution for cage,
    – and anti ear mites solution/gel/cream for rabbits
    – get the cage bedding you used to buy that doesn’t give any problems for your rabbit
    3) try not to give her fresh foods for the time being, change them to pellets, nuts, seeds (dry stuff).

    Hope your bunny recovers soon!

  2. I owned a rabbit for a long time and he had something similar to this. My mother was a vet nurse and she said it looked like he was allergic to flea saliva! Funnily enough we took him to the vets which confirmed what my mother had said. It tends to happen to smaller animals as they age. Take him to your local vet and they will most probably give you some cream to put on the area. Take you little bundle of love now, because if you leave it, she can get great big sores and her hair can fall out around those areas.
    Your little bun bun may not have the same problem but it sounds nasty and is probably causing her discomfort.
    Give her a cuddle from me 🙂

  3. Hon, your bunny needs to go to the vet. If they’re mites, your vet will be able to give an injection that will kill those darn, nasty, itchy mites. He/she will do a skin scraping and check it out under a microscope; if they’re mites, they’ll be moving around.
    I’m also concerned that this might possibly be communicable to you (but don’t know for sure.) So be sure to wash thoroughly after you’ve handled her, just in case. I’ve heard that mites can sometime show up in a pet’s bedding materials (I had a hedgehog once who got them in this way.) Good luck to you and Bun!

  4. It is furmites. I teat it by orally giving ivomec (for cattle) to my bunnies. 1/10 cc per pound but I would discuss it with ur vet first.


  5. Fascination maxx

    Did you wash the bunny’s ear with head and shoulders?

    Maybe it needs conditioner


  6. i have rabbits, but none have had this problem. there are vets for rabbits, just find one that deals with small animals.

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