Pet Rat Care : Picking a Pet Rat

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Watch as an animal care specialist demonstrates how to pick a pet rat care in this free online video about exotic pets. Expert: Laura Fitzgerald Bio: Laura Fitzgerald has been an animal lover her entire life. Having her first pet rat at the age of 5 (after rescuing it from the snake food chain). Filmmaker: Kenneth Jackson

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25 comments on “Pet Rat Care : Picking a Pet Rat

  1. crazyjorge2111

    lmao 1:07 “put your hands out to show that you’re not gonna hurt them”
    and then the cat jumps out of nowhere, DINNER!

  2. @mhernandezes 1 1/2 to 2 years is a much more realistic estimate. I’ve known people who HAVE owned rats for 4- 5 years but up to about 2 1/2 years max is what you should be more prepared for.

  3. thats neat i used to have a pet rat i could stick my hand down in his cage and touch my thumb and my middle finger making a tapping sound and he would get right under my and so i could pick him up and then sit him on my shoulder and just walk around and have fun with him

  4. i would also suggest holding them up to your ear to listen for any crackling sounds, or any other breathing issues tho if they do have a uri (upper respiratory infection) you can bring them to the vet to get some meds like baytril or doxy but you want to do a proper quarantine if you are going to intro them to another rat.
    they make the bestest pets tho!!

  5. @imortal504 if you get one later on, do intros in a neutral territory like a bathtub, put a towel down and let them roam around in there. sometimes it takes a few tries.. just be patient. oh and unless you see blood dont panic. they often need to figure out who is the alpha,. patience is key.

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