Pet rat. Seizures or choking?

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Question by cb1993: Pet rat. Seizures or choking?
In a previous question asked, My rat chester seemed to be having seizure like movments. Well I finally did go to sleep hoping i’d wake up to my rat acting normal again, but now he is acting the same way, but insteas he is laying down anc exhuasted. i can only guess he has been having these “seizures” all night.

My question is do you think my rat is having seizures or choking?
do seizures last all night?
I know it does when choking, but Does a rat slober alot while in a seizure?

please going to the vet soon, but my vet isnt very good with rats. He doesnt know much about them, i know from previous encounters with past rats.

i need to give him an idea of what is wrong with chester.

please give me tips on what i can do and which do you think he is doing.

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Answer by ο»‰βˆšΩ₯ﺎ
Sounds like epilepsy, you should take him to the vet pronto even though you said your vet wasn’t helpful try another vet. They usually would prescribe valium or Phenobarbitol. Medications which have been known to dissolve those erractic behaviour.

Otherwise, just make sure he has plently of water and food available make sure he is eating and staying hydrated. With fresh bedding.

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3 comments on “Pet rat. Seizures or choking?

  1. Supergirl 4 animals love animals

    U still didn’t take him 2 the vet? Please, VET! its what ur rat wants & what we want, but obviously not u. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  2. tropicalgurl777

    it could be either one or it could have been having trouble breathing from a smell or it is sick or because it was up running and exhausting its self

  3. One of my rats seemed to be having seizures, or at least alot of difficulty breathing. Is there a lot of reddish discharge around his nostrils? If so, its likely to be a respiratory infection, which depending on how advanced it is, there isnt really much hope, as ive noticed in past experience, as said rat of mine, was put down just under a month ago. If it was choking it would have ended within 30 minutes or so. I also had another rat, that had head tilt, and towards the end she appeared to be having seizures with alot of frothing around the mouth. Unfortunately, pet rats do tend to make a grand exit, ive only ever had one die peacefully during the night with no signs of ailments prior.

    I personally think it may be respiratory infection. But theres a link here for rats that are choking. It helped me alot with my Walter when he showed signs of choking that then turned out to advanced respiratory infection.

    Good luck with the vet, and remember if he is still eating and drinking he isnt ready to go yet πŸ™‚

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